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Letting the shop door close gently behind him, Raj listened attentively as Mouse laid out ideas on what she thought she wanted. While he did have interest in herbology, the thoughts that kept coming to mind at first were more suitable for potions than the kitchen. Probably a downfall of his continuing lessons. At least he wasn’t stuck on the bones of the human body. He needed to focus more on memories of his papa cooking. “Oh….chives have a purplish pink flower,” he finally answered as it came to him. And was scented and could be cooked with so technically that covered all three of her requirements.

Did he have a favorite? That question brought him up short as it wasn’t exactly something he had ever thought about before. “Don’t really know,” he admitted truthfully. Creatures were after all more his thing in nature. “Sure I think plenty of pretty…and fond of a few useful ones…but nothing sticks out at the moment.”
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