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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The amount of confidence she had was enough for the both of them. Just as how she was loud enough for that two of them. She would always have his back in anyway that he needed her to. Yes, she knew how soft his hands were. Thanks to the unknown amount of times she had clung onto his hand from the very first time she had figured out that she could. Yous got it," Bry beamed at him as she put a little bit of both moisturisers onto his hand and then closed them up and put them away. "Cause Ary, I always haves to have a backup in case one runs out." Better to be safe than sorry!

With Ary pointing out a spell on the book, Bry eyed it up right away. "It won't be much help here.. but I bet it would be really cool in the water. Then I can train them too!" Did he realize he was just giving her ideas to test out now? Right now she was sitting decently still. Or as still as she could be for her. She was trying.

It was nice to have a friend who believed in him that much. Just as good? Having a friend who had his back. Of course he had Bry’s back too. After all, hadn’t they been best of friends since they were tiny? It was sort of difficult to care for someone in all the ways when they knew each other for such a long time and got along so well. Ah, yes. Naturally Bry would have inside information about the softness of his hands. As the main moisturiser and backup moisturiser were closed and put away, Ary amused himself by rubbing his palms together. “Heres. What do you think?” Did the two scents combined make a good one?

“It can be cool if there’s a stinky smells around. I can sees it being cooler underwater though.” Don’t worry, Bry! He saw your way too. Ary laughed, not at his friend but at an idea he had. “You’ll build a fish Ninja Army, won’ts you?” She’d sorta be an Aquawoman.
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