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Incorrect, but he could continue to be entitled to his wrong opinion because she was getting tired of running in circles with Solomon on some of this and it was all a whole lot less fun now that she felt like she was losing the upper hand in the battle. "Am not," she replied with a particularly aggressive eyeroll. "You are being immature. It can't be helped though because it is a proven biological fact that girls mature more quickly than boys." So...there. She was not being a weirdo she was simply being more mature than him. No more arguing.

Case and point? What happened next.

Her face twisted and jaw set to the point that her lips parted just enough to show her clenched teeth. A groan slowly release from Sage's grit teeth like air being slowly let out of a balloon and she pulled her hand away from his grip as though his fingers were hot coals so she could use her sleeve to wipe her cheeks. Solomon Duck was officially officially the embodiment of immaturity. - even more so than Reuben and that was a true accomplishment.

"Yup," she replied entirely too quickly while tucking the magazine under her other arm and well out of reach despite him making no effort to try and take it back to inspect anything. "Sporty Sort." Not at all the precise same result you had received, Solomon. "So...if you ever start taking a serious interest in athletics I will know precisely what is up."

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