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It was difficult to hide the displeased expression on Fergersnout’s face as Sloane practically ran out of class. It was an emotion unfamiliar with the usually upbeat Professor but there were certain behaviours that warranted it. Unbeknownst to Miss Knott, she WOULD be checking with Feirgrund whether she had visited him and would make her judgment accordingly.

Satisfied that the students were preparing themselves for the activity, Apollonia took the opportunity to wander around ‘accioing’ back the straying arrows and placing them in a pile to be used again later and watching to see whether anyone required any help. Solomon seemed to have a handle on using his bow but Anna was struggling a little. She hadn’t expected everyone to get a handle on archery immediately which in her opinion made it all the more fun. What good would it be if everyone was good at everything? She would’ve offered a little extra tuition but she was already asking her comrades for help and instead of interrupting like the over-eager adult she was, she decided to let them help each other.

Roman had seemingly decided against any practice and had already taken his starting position. Aryan and Ezra were stumbling around with their new found height which was quite an amusing sight to see.

With a fond chuckle she headed to the middle of the course, removing a white handkerchief from her pocket which she raised high above her head before singing that loud operatic note to gain the students attention. “Esteemed warriors, we have gathered here today to settle this conflict between the Giants and Centaurs. Upon the dropping of my hankie, may the battle COMMENCE!” The white handkerchief floated down to the ground and the Professor swooshed her cape dramatically as she moved to the side to allow the students to begin.

OOC: Time to have fun! You have free rein to play as you see fit provided you don’t break any of the aforementioned rules in my previous post. You’ll have until Saturday evening (GMT) to play.
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