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She supposed that it was not a particularly common practice and one she had stumbled upon during some library time at Himitsumahou over the summer. Her rigorous schedule had not permitted her to indulge in her curiosity then but she found herself with an abundance of time on her hands with the return to Hogwarts - namely because she neglected other things that did not captivate her attention. "Perhaps you should ask them," she suggested sincerely, not at all under the presumption that that was precisely what her professor was intending to do with her.

Mitsuki gave each of the bowls a little swirl, judging the pigmentation of the water as it gently sloshed up against the sides of the cup and ultimately deciding to let them soak for a bit more. "Leaves, flowers, stems, berries, bark, and even roots may be utilize. I simply prefer the petals from flowers." Though will use some leaves when the color spoke to her. "Until it feels right." There was true rhyme or reason as to how long she steeped each color but she could confirm that the bowls she not feel right just yet. She went down the row of cups again and gave them each a little swirl. Her eyes widened ever so slightly, a positive progression, and reached for a box which she then opened and took a small pinch of the white powder to drop into each bowl, mixing as she went. "Bicarbonate of soda," she explained once she got to the last bowl and cleaned off her stirrer.

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