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SPOILER!!: Individual Responses
Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
If she was being honest, Sloane figured she’d lose points for Slytherin as soon as she realised, she’d forgotten her robes but realising whilst you’re in the lesson was a little too late. Sniffling, she shrugged a little and slightly quieter than usual due to her sore throat, called over to the Professor “I’m ill and I didn’t want to miss the lesson. You wanted us to be outside so I figured I’d dress warm. It’s November!” She wasn’t about to apologize for turning up ill when it was his idea to have a lesson outside in November, even if the weather was warmer than expected. She wasn’t about to kick up a fuss however. This had been the second time she’d lost points for Slytherin in a short period of time and, whilst she felt guilty, neither of them was her fault.

“Numbers? Maybe wizards managed to get a lot of them. Like A LOT! I know giants are big but like, if there were twenty or thirty wizards surrounding one giant, it can’t stop every spell cast at it?” She had no idea if it was true or not but it sounded like it could be.
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
It was just sad that giants preferred violence. Ary imagined the species would have thrived if this had been the opposite. He definitely saw why Voldemort would have wanted them on his side. They were probably promised more violence in terms of their services to him also. Ary raised his hand. “I agree with Sloane. Many witches and wizards to one giant, much like many witches and wizards when handling one dragon.”
Professor Fergersnout considered herself a fair and just person but there really wasn’t an excuse for disregarding the rules. “If you are really that ill Miss Knott, might I suggest you visit Healer Feirgrund for a Pepperup Potion rather than snotting all over your fellow students.” She was sure the rest would be appreciative of not catching her sniffles as would she.

As for her answer to the question, which Mr Atreyu-Rehman seemed to agree with, the suggestion wasn’t quite that simple. “Numbers could give us an advantage however there are rumours that it takes more Wizards to bring down a Giant than it does a Dragon.” Quite surprising really considering Dragon’s were often considered to be the most powerful of magical species.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
She frowned at Aryan and Sloane wanting to defeat Giants with numbers. "I don't agree. I don't think we should be trying to necessarily casting spells on giants, but perhaps just winning them over with kindness." Maybe it was her sunny aura and wanting to see the positives, "I just ... giants naturally favor aggression and violence, as you said Professor, but fighting violence with violence i would think would only beset more violence. But being kind... speaks volumes."
Oh poor sweet innocent little Dumpling had obviously not been listening to the previous conversation. How it must feel to be so naive. “As much as we’d all love that to be true, Giants are notoriously difficult to negotiate with. I’d much rather you didn’t get squashed by one Miss Montmorency.”

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
A powerful enough wizard or witch can defeat any opponent.” That was all he had to add, really. Unfortunate for the giants that they didn’t have the ability to wield magic, otherwise things would be very different!
Ah. Not quite. “But how would that Witch or Wizard effectively bring down said Giant if magic refracts off of their skin so easily?” That was the real question she was asking.

Originally Posted by noodles View Post
“We have the upper hand of being able to plan our battles and can use tactics and strategy. Stealth and other ways to outwit the giants. They tend to bumble into battle and just use brute force.”
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
But, when it came to the third question, Regulus reasoned that staying silent yet again might give an impression he was not aiming for. After several moments' careful consideration, he raised a hand. "They might have used the environment, instead of casting at them directly." To Regulus, and all he had been taught over the years, it was more or less common sense. "You wouldn't even need to outnumber them if you can turn the ground to a quicksand, or use plants like mandrakes or Devil's Snare, or collapse bridges under them." He could have gone on (and had far more brutal ideas in mind), but decided that that was plenty, especially if he wanted to avoid causing... upset. He supposed he ought to.
The conversation turned back to using intelligence to outwit the Giants. “Having a strategic plan would certainly be of help, Mr Greenwood.” She was about to ask whether he had any specific ideas when Mr Prince offered his own.

“It seems as if you’ve given this some thought” she chortled. “Remind me not to get on your bad side.” It was the out of the box thinking that Fergersnout admired the most.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Recalling a bit of information from her textbook, she raised her hand and said, "Possibly by luring them into small spaces. Giants don't like close quarters and are known to fight each other when confined. So if one were to lure the giants somewhere cramped, they could turn on each other, which could buy time to mount an attack and leave fewer opponents to fight." Did that idea make sense? I'd did in her mind, but less so when she said it out loud!
Which was something that Miss Marchand was also accomplishing. “That is true. Giants are notorious for arguing over the simplest of matters such as where they can sleep or what they could eat. Entrap them in a small space and it is likely that they will turn on each other without having to even do anything.” However that wasn’t the objective of today's lesson.

“Some excellent ideas here. It seems that we are mostly in agreement that outsmarting a Giant is the best tactic but nobody has picked up on a Giant’s weak spots. Although Giants are mostly resistant to magic, their skin is seemingly not immune to being injured through non-magical means. In 1996, a Giant whose name may be familiar to you all, Grawp, was injured by the Centaurs arrows. Furthermore, the eyes are another weakness and have been known to be affected by the Conjunctivitis Curse rendering them unable to see and therefore easier to outwit.”

“Now if you’ll all follow me..”

Fergersnout quickly turned on her heels and led her brigade of students a short distance out of the Courtyard to an open patch of grass that had been laid out with an assortment of wooden crates and large boulders resembling an assault course. At the furthest end of the course was a collection of bows and foam arrows. Next to the Professor was a table displaying several potion bottles, foam clubs and armour.

“Welcome to your battleground! There is nothing more fun than learning through activity so today we are going to reenact a battle between the Giants and the Centaurs.” Wasn’t this EXCITING?! “On the table next to me are TEMPORARY growth potions. They will increase your height to seven feet for the next thirty minutes only but also make your movements slower. As you can see in front of you is an assault course. I will divide you all into two teams, Giants versus Centaurs. Centaurs - your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get to the end of the course without being hit by the Giants foam clubs using the objects to hide behind. Once you’ve reached the end you can use the bow and arrows to shoot at the Giants armour. Giants - Your objective is to hit the Centaurs armour with your clubs before they are able to reach the end. All your armour is charmed to erupt glitter every time it is hit ” Which meant that Fergersnout would have an awful lot of cleaning up to do but at least the students will return to the school covered in a beautiful rainbow hue of sparkliness. If it turned into all out warfare they needn’t worry as everything had been charmed to be as soft as possible to prevent any possibility of injury. There were also no real winners in the battle, it was just meant as an exercise to induce their creativity whilst reenacting a moment in history.

She divided the class into two down the middle. “Giants, you can go ahead and drink your potions and collect your clubs and armour now. Centaurs may collect their armour and feel free to practice with the bow and arrows whilst you are waiting. Once we are all ready I shall drop my handkerchief and let the battle commence!”

OOC: Your students can go ahead and get prepared for the activity. A couple of ground rules before we get started..
1. Everything is either made of foam or charmed to prevent injury, this is supposed to be a fun activity and not an excuse to hurt each other.
2. The effects of the growth potion are TEMPORARY and your student will return to normal before the lesson has ended.
3. No godmodding. You are welcome to specify that you are aiming for a particular person but it is up to them whether they get hit or not.
4. Please specify whether you are a Giant/Centaur as the title of your posts.
5. There are no limits to the number of posts you want to make, just have fun, be silly and creative. There are no extra points for ‘winning’ or whether your student is hit or not. It’s all about the ~experience~. Professor Fergersnout will be wandering around supervising/joining in.
Any questions just vm/pm me or ask IC.
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