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GIRLS were a nightmare. He couldn’t even pretend to know what was going on in Sage’s mind, whether she was just trying to annoy him (probably), or if she was… dunno - crushing on him? ”You’re being a weirdo.” That felt like an appropriate response and a good way to shrug all of this off.

As for the corkscrewed finger that was being aimed at him, Solomon reached out and grabbed it and made a fart noise, spraying little specs of spit all over her (that part was an accident). Way to change the vibe of this conversation completely, but that was kinda what Solly was after.

West Odessa, huh? And what about the old Quidditch flame, Theodore Kinsley? Although comparing to him would be a completely different type of result. Miserable maggot, was more fitting. “You got Sporty Sort?” Solomon seemed surprised that Sage would get that result, but he apparently had too much trust in her to think for a second that she had fabricated the results. “Fair enough,” he said after she explained it anyway, then nodded, “Yeah, I totally agree.” He really had no idea who Joshua Miller was.

At least we didn’t get the same.” Solomon laughed. Because that would be AWKWARD.

Finally, the silly magazine was being put away.
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