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Oh deary me.

Perhaps she should halt this question before the discussion turned into a classroom argument. It was a little unexpected that what she considered to be quite a simple question had turned into somewhat of a debate over the intelligence of Giants in general. There was Mr Gellar who was insistent on calling them stupid and Miss Walles and Mr Schultz arguing in their defence. “Let’s not get into the ethics of whether Giants are stupid or not, perhaps that would be a better discussion for debate society instead?” Which she happened to co-run alongside their esteemed Headmaster if anyone was remotely interested. “What we can ascertain is that Giants have not quite achieved the level of intelligence that Wizardkind have but they are capable of communication in their own language and occasionally in ours and as Mr Schultz mentioned they have their own social hierarchies which could be construed as a sign of an intelligent species. They are however not the best at negotiations and it’s their impatience as Miss Schultz and Miss Walles mentioned that means they prefer much simpler conversation”. They could go into a very long discussion over the ethics of prejudices against Giants but then they wouldn’t have time for the rest of the lesson.

Speaking of the Hufflepuff.. “I appreciate your contribution to the discussion Miss Walles and your pure honesty however forgetfulness unfortunately isn’t a valid excuse for lateness. I shall be taking 5 points from Hufflepuff for your tardiness.” It could have been more but the fact that Anna hadn’t lied or attempted to slip in unnoticed worked in her favour.

The next topic was the size and physicality of giants as mentioned by Miss Atreyu-Rehman. “Giants are capable of growing to 20-25 feet tall, around 4.5 times the average human. As Mr Greenwood, Mr Zimmer and Miss Marchand discussed, we are an easy target for their aggression and even a large group of Aurors find it difficult to subdue a single Giant with magic.” As picked up on by Mr Atreyu-Rehman.

“Now I understand our concerns over painting Giants as the villains in our lesson, however unfortunately history is not full of the sunshines and rainbows that we all wish it could be and I’d argue that THAT’S what makes it so interesting! The reality is that the Giants favour aggression and violence and therefore often fought on the wrong side and had to be overcome in order to protect the good or rather our kind in general.”

“A final question before we move onto the fun part!”
she clapped her hands together, excited to show what she had planned. “If the Giants made such formidable opponents, how was it that others were able to overpower them during the wars?”

OOC: Quick final question before moving on in around 20-24 hours.
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