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She had thought the Great Hall was unusually quiet and it hadn't been until she had overheard a couple of older students talking about seeing Professor Fergersnout with her class out in the courtyard. Then all the sirens and alarm bells were running off and her, with her school bag that would not have had her History of Magic textbook regardless but DID have parchment and essential writing implements, trying to shove the last bunch of grapes into her mouth before she pushed open the big an entirely too heavy doors out into the open air. She had sprinted, of course, but thankfully the distance between the Great Hall and the courtyard was not all THAT far. Not like...Hufflepuffle common room to the Astronomy Tower, for example.

So, being late to class was obviously oopsie daisy number one. Oopsie daisy number two would be....a, yes. Her dropping a couple of grapes on the steps down from the double doors and into the courtyard proper and then smushing them under her fun sized feet. At least she didn't slip on them, so that was a victory in itself, though she lamented the loss of grapes because they had been so yummy. She was just in time to hear the discussion on GIANTS and certainly had her own thoughts on this and that. It was kind of funny, for a flash of a second, on how giant was almost a matter of perspective since SHE was a giant to the grape that she had now just squished and there was a lot of talk about how giant, er, giants were and their size made them formidable. Could squish a witch or wizard like a grape and not even necessarily on purpose!

"I don't think it is fair to call giants stupid!" she interjected a bit breathlessly as she caught up to the class. She HAD been sprinting, after all. "It's more...they aren't the most patience of species and as a result one cannot even hope to hold negotiations or really form treaties with them to avoid conflict unless you bring them something really...really really really really REALLY appealing to appease them. But even THEN I reckon it's a hard to form peace treaties if you wanted to. Using their raw brute strength to solve conflicts is easier to them and doesn't require much thought, which suits their aversion to patience."

So someone like Anna really shouldn't try negotiate with any giants simply because she talked so much and they would probably think of her like a mosquito and flick her away or squish her like a grape.

Also, limbs moving? Yup, Anna, the drum of her heart in her chest, and her bouncy curls had that covered already.

"OH! Sorry...for being late, Professor Fergersnout.'s a poor explanation but I just .... forgot."

Honest to a fault. Oopsie daisy number three.

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