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SPOILER!!: Individual Responses
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
But one thing about Aryan Atreyu-Rehman? The boy disliked conflict of any kind, whether it be small or big. He tend to just want to retreat into his corner when there was any around. As usual, he opted to remain silent, preferring to listen to his classmates.
Professor Fergersnout was unfortunately not blessed with a green thumb and therefore a garden of anything was a little out of her scope. That didn’t stop her from appreciating the natural world however.

Despite loving participation within her lessons, she understood that there were some students who preferred to listen rather than answer questions and that was okay. The purpose of a Professor was to educate. After all, what good would it be if every student was able to perfectly recite the contents of their textbooks?

Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Thinking on the matter, the Gryffindor opted not to go for the more obvious answers, her eldest brother and parents had dealt with the events of the most recent. The last one to take place on the grounds of Hogwarts like the woman mentioned. Nah to fresh. The girl settling on one as she raised her hand to answer. “The Goblin Rebellion of 1792,” she remarked, lowering her arm back to her side.
An answer that was a little out of the box in thinking was exactly what she was hoping for. Most could recall the great wars from more recent times but history spanned such a huge timespan that there were plentiful examples from further ago. “Excellent answer, Miss Atreyu-Rehman. Our Goblin friends have unfortunately come into conflict with Wizarding kind on several occasions throughout the years. Whether you believe they were justifiable or not is a subject matter for a future lesson.” Or for debate club.

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
"There was the third wizarding war. Eight years ago. With Rosier and the Neo-Alliance infiltrating and overtaking Hogwarts." He wished he'd thought of a different conflict first, though. The War drew to mind bad memories only.
She thought the matter might have come up considering some of the students were old enough to recall the events relatively clearly. “Correct Mr Fox, however the conflicts we will be looking at are from much further ago.” The matter of the Third Wizarding War was a little too sensitive considering that every student at Hogwarts would’ve lived through it.

Originally Posted by Samia View Post
But anyway, despite seeming uninterested, he was listening - and aware of what all was happening in class, so naturally he spoke up at the professor's question as well, "there was also a bit of conflict with the merpeople - where they abducted people at a ministry's event, and politely kept them hostage for like .... a year?"
Once again an example from recent history which was absolutely fine considering it was still correct. “Yes Mr Zimmer, conflicts don’t necessarily have to advance into warfare in order for them to be important historically.” A simple argument could be responsible for influencing some of the ministerial legislation still seen today.

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The mention of conflict here at Hogwarts had her tilting her head and looking over at Aryan, she knew how much he tried to avoid anything of that nature. Bryony's nose crinkled up when Brandon mentioned the war from several years earlier. She had been little at the time but she remembered her parents both going to help out with that. An arm slid around her bestie and she gave him a squeeze knowing that if she was thinking about it, he had to be too. "The was the time when the Chamber or Secrets was opened all those years ago.. and it was opened again when my mama was a student too but then it was explored by students and professors." Her free hand was raised in the air before she had said anything.
She could be whichever she preferred to be, the Professor honestly put very little thought into the ridiculous nicknames and they sort of came splurting out. The opening of the Chamber of Secrets in itself wasn’t an example of a conflict however the events that transpired within its walls could be. “The legend of the Chamber of Secrets could be construed to be one of the oldest examples of conflict. Or rather Salazar Slytherin’s intention to cause harm to the poor Muggleborns of Hogwarts.” An interesting example that wasn’t initially in the forefront of her mind.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Her hand went up, and she said, "There's the Second Wizarding War. It started with Voldemort's return to power in 1995 and ended with the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998."
The Wizarding Wars were the most obvious examples but also arguably some of the most important when it came to shaping the world that they existed in today. “Great example and excellent recollection of specific dates.” Although they weren’t necessarily asked for in the question. “Us historians mark the start of the Second Wizarding War as the 24th June 1995 after the third task in the Triwizard Cup.” But once again the topic of today’s lesson was from even further ago.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
As for the first question, it required some major thinking on Solomon’s part, although he absolutely couldn’t remember dates if that’s what the professor was looking for. Thinking on a subject of interest - sport - Solly raised his hand to offer very bare detail. “Can’t remember the day… month… or year…” or who was playing, even, “there was a riot of Death Eaters at a Quidditch World Cup final, once.” Hopefully Fergersnout would know the one he was referring to, he had no doubt that she would.
Of course she had remembered and what a shame to hear of his unsuccessful attempt at relocating him. She’d be sure to offer help after the lesson, perhaps in the form of further croaking. “The Death Eaters were unfortunately responsible for many a conflict in the 20th century.” Connecting a historical event with something the students were particularly enthused about was an excellent way of learning.

Originally Posted by noodles View Post
“I heard that about forty years ago a group of students were inflicted with the Imperious Curse to fight each other in an arena in the Forbidden Forest. Then later the same group were made to attack the school and there was a big fight. Staff and students vs students.. with explosions and things.” That was all the details Ezra's brain could muster. Wait. No. That was it. Old adult people talking about their youth was a sure fire way to make the Ravenclaw's eyes glaze over.
Don’t be silly young Froglet, there was no age limit when it came to the Costume Closet. “I can imagine some of your Grandparents might have been in attendance at Hogwarts during that particular time.” It might have come as a shock to some of the students but Fergersnout wasn’t quite that old yet.

The Professor was quite impressed by the plethora of answers the students had offered. “An excellent array of different types of conflicts. As your fellow students have described, conflict doesn’t necessarily always equate to the huge wars that we have all heard about but can be a singular event. With that being said our topic today is concerning a war however not one that’s been previously mentioned nor what I imagine you expect.”

“You might have noticed my attire today is a little old fashioned in comparison to usual.”
That was an understatement, there was very little colour at all comparatively. “That is because we are talking about a series of conflicts from the nineteenth century with the rather formidable opponents, the Giants.” If she had a chalkboard in her presence she would’ve written that up on the board but alas she was not that organised.

“The Giants have a history of holding a vendetta against our kind and therefore the Giant Wars weren’t just one singular event but a series of them pre-1900’s. Giants also participated on Voldemort’s side during the Wizarding Wars after an unsuccessful attempt to recruit them by Hagrid. Can you tell me what makes a Giant a particularly difficult opponent to battle?” Once again one answer per student was plentiful and out of the box answers were always appreciated by this eccentric Professor.

OOC: One answer per student please. Lesson will move on in around 24 hours.
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