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The occasional run in at Hogsmeade had been nice but Raj found that he missed sharing a common room and classes with Mouse. He wasn’t the most open to new friends while still being friendly to his new classmates, so it wasn’t like he really had anyone he could regularly hang out with for the random coffee trip or study moment. Well maybe his one lab partner could be counted. So, he might…MIGHT… have been looking forward to the summer. Though still with a touch of trepidation over what the younger Ravenclaw’s plans would be after her graduation.

To say he had reacted favorable to news she was remaining in London would be an understatement.

Not that he shared it with anyone. Nope. Cool as a cucumber here.

“You’re welcome,” he remarked as he caught the door and followed her inside the shop. “Glad I can be of assistance then.” You know the whole being the companion for this little fishing expedition. Or the search for the perfect plant as it was. “Was there anything in particular you were looking for?” Just so he could keep his dark eyes open for it amongst the shelves that looked to be filled with all sorts of herbological goodies.
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