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Having classes outside definitely suited Nadia. The weather was still fine and the fresh air was a nice change from how the castle could get at times. Beside the deep winter could keep them inside for a lot of time soon enough. The third year took in their surroundings for a bit, noting the presence of certain fellow classmates including her brother, before finally turning her attention to Professor Fergersnout as she spoke up once more and began the lesson in earnest. Conflicts…that was an interesting topic in history. Certainly not as boring as other events, though filled with mixed emotions.

Thinking on the matter, the Gryffindor opted not to go for the more obvious answers, her eldest brother and parents had dealt with the events of the most recent. The last one to take place on the grounds of Hogwarts like the woman mentioned. Nah to fresh. The girl settling on one as she raised her hand to answer. “The Goblin Rebellion of 1792,” she remarked, lowering her arm back to her side.
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