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Unfortunately, Professor Fergersnout would not find an excited face when she looked in Regulus' direction, though, fortunately, she would not find a frown there either. He was, by now, a seasoned professional at keeping his expression schooled - the challenge was in figuring out just how schooled it ought to be - though the light of curiosity could still be detected in his eyes from time to time.

For this lesson, Regulus had worn his running shoes; more often than not, the 'wear comfortable shoes' kind of instruction tended to mean some kind of physical activity would be involved. If that was the case, these would be the better option, and if it wasn't they were plenty comfortable anyway. They didn't match his uniform terribly well, but there was nothing to be done about that, short of charming the shoes (and Regulus was not so concerned with style that he even considered it).

Regulus joined the gaggle of students clustered around the professor, noting the enchantments that kept the area warm even as he moved into their range. In lieu of giving the professor a verbal greeting, Regulus sent a small smile in her direction. History of Magic being one of his better subjects, it was best to stay in the good graces of the professor - not that he had any reason not to otherwise, no matter how exuberant and eccentric she seemed to be.

He did, however, stay well clear of the sickly first year, and from anyone else who seemed plagued by germs of their own. Regulus had no intentions of getting sick, nor of infecting the most vulnerable of his relatives.
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