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t was a perfect day for an outdoor class! Nice and sunny weather, and awfully mild for this time of year. What could be better? Not having to wear a full uniform, of course! Desiree loved classes that allowed her to spice up her wardrobe. Well, technically she was only allowed to spice up her shoes today, but it was better than nothing, right? Today she'd opted for comfy high top trainers in a glittery yellow to match her Hufflepuff tie.

She practically skipped outside to the courtyard, immediately noticing Professor Fergersnout's attire. Looked like something from the 1800s, if she recalled correctly from her fashion books. Possibly a clue to today's lesson? "Hello, Professor," she greeted with a smile and a friendly wave. "Lovely outfit!" The other students (Ary & Bronwyn) also received smiles and waves in greeting as she joined the huddle.
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