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If she felt like she was proving a point she would be dragging his behind to a concert or two at the Phoenix Theater. She was determined to give him a proper musical education so he should be expecting an owl from her over the summer with an invitation of some sort once she convinced at least one of her dads to get her tickets.

She was feeling particularly triumphant seeing the gradient of reds and pinks that were twirling and swirling across his features, she had anticipated Solomon being more...resistant and more 'girls have cooties' kind of posture instead of what he was presenting her with. Unfair and completely uncalled for, now she did not know how to navigate things while also maintaining the upper hand she had so deliciously secured. "You're just going to have to be more observant and figure that out on your own." Yes, that sounded flirtatious enough to work but also leave him wondering - because she sure was doing a fair bit of wondering herself at the moment. He didn't even like jazz music for Circe's sake.

Sage rolled her eyes and decided to ignore his sarcasm while he snatched back the chocolate frog she had not even asked for in the first place. No loss to her, though his wink sure made her giggle a little bit. "You get something in your eye just now?" she hummed while conducting her finger in a bit of a tight corkscrew like spiral towards his eye. He obviously wasn't enduring as much as he claimed or else he would just walk off, at least that was what she would do in the event she was not enjoying her present company. Far from the case now, truth be told.

She certainly was irked, though she remarkably kept it just below the surface and not on her features, that they had received the same results...good thing she hadn't been answering aloud as they went along because she could change things up and he would be none the wiser. "A Sporty Sort," she replied almost a little too quickly. "An athletic persona like West Odessa or Melanie Sung is just what you need. You two will spend hours outside soaking up the warm weather together." So....there. Yes. Obviously. They did not have the same taste in people. Obviously! "I only makes sense someone who has a thirst for the great outdoors would be ideal." Not that she really needed to justify her fabricated results at all. "At least neither of us landed on A Creative Cutie and Joshua Miller is a complete moron from what I read and I would find those results totally offensive." Sage then closed the magazine and tucked it under her arm.

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