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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
The volume and enthusiasm with which the voice addressed her was a rarity indeed, akin to only the likes of Mercer or, on the even rarer occasion, Fynley. Slowly lifting her hazel-green eyes from the page, the Ravenclaw was somewhat perplexed by the presence of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and yet not perplexed at all. Her own uncle, also a professor for the subject, had his artistic passions as well and it was not as if art and creation was a limited field. It went against the very essence of the subject to think of it in such a way. Before addressing the professor, Mitsuki's eyes shifted to her bowls to examine their saturation and decided to leave things a bit longer and instead shifted her posture a bit and brushed some of her flyaways back against her head and gathered messy bun.

"Organic paints and dyes, professor." Though mostly paints in her case, though they could be used for dyes as well and - technically - the canvas would be dyed once a brush was swept across it.

Yes, they suspected they must seem quite out of place here. Yet, Dhruv was pleased that they had tottered along when they had otherwise they would have missed the fascinating process which Mitsuki was in the midst of conducting. “I’ve heard about this,’’ they told her. “But I’ve never seen it done so naturally I have so many questions.” They gave the girl with the messy bun a look that they hoped asked: do you mind if I pick your brain?

Maybe Dhruv would simply begin with a question or two rather than bombard the Ravenclaw. “Are there particular petals that you can use, or is the process open to most plants? How long should the petal be er, steeped for?” Was steep the right word to use? Either way, they would be learning now.
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