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Tommy didn't miss school. He didn't miss the lessons, the numerous detentions, the living with a million other people. But he did find himself missing certain things, like the fact that it didn't necessarily matter. If he'd overslept and missed his lessons, he didn't care. If he 'forgot' to do his homework and got punished, he was completely unfazed.

But having a job? And having a job that wasn't glass collecting at his - at Corbin's club was a whole other matter. Luckily his shifts didn't call for him to work early hours, so he didn't struggle too much with the whole waking up and getting there on time. But he knew that he had to be presentable. He knew that he had to be polite, and bite his tongue when customers were idiots (which was often), and he knew that this mattered. He needed to pay Noah some rent, some compensation for letting him crash there, and he also needed to save up so he could potentially afford some place of his own.

Of course, as Lori and Adam liked to remind him, there was a bedroom with his name on the door at their place. But as much as Tommy's relationship with Lori - with his Nana had improved (and then got worse, and then got better again), he still wasn't ready for that. The feeling that he owed them for everything they'd done since he'd ended up at Stemp House more than twelve years ago was very much present, and he was struggling to get over it.

So here he was, pouring drinks and forcing smiles and pretending that he loved working here a whole lot.

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