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Solly probably WOULD enjoy going to an orchestra performance, he just wasn’t very open minded to things he had never experienced or taken any interest in before. It Sage was thinking of extending an invitation then that would be even better…

Well… if he wasn’t defeated before, then he absolutely was now. Three foot under, actually. While he still could see that Sage was probably joking and trying to pull a fast one over him, he really didn’t know an appropriate way to respond to the way she was acting. He tried to think about what Anna would do in this situation, since he didn’t have any guy friends to mirror their charm, but funnily enough thinking of what Anna would do wasn’t helpful at all. “I…” the pause felt like forever. “… would like to know.” He really would like to know what nose bumps meant.

Did you just wink at me?” His eyebrow raised as she pretty much outed herself as a faker. He was hurt, and thus so snatched the chocolate frog back that she had offered him. Too right he only gave it to her in exchange for a pumpkin pasty. “Fine. I guess I’ll endure sitting by you on the train ride back in that case.” He WINKED.

Solomon beamed with pride as Sage read out his magazine outcome, even if it wasn’t really that accurate, nor anything meaningful. “Soulful singer, nice.” Proud as punch. As for taking his sweet crush (lol) on amazing dates… well, he’d never been on a date before and had a few more years until he was likely to. “Well, what did you get?” Solly was DYING to know.
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