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Default New year, new timeline...

Jane Howard, Department of Mysteries alchemist, lowered the flame on her Bain-Marie, and spent a few moments gazing fondly at the dark, somewhat gelatinous mass inside. "Patience, all will be completed in due course," she murmured gently, but whether to the experiment or to herself was hard to tell. Giving one final glance, to make sure nothing was amiss, she wiped her hands with a specially-charmed cleaning cloth (casting a cleaning charm this close to the experiment might cause undue magical reverberations). Then she straightened her hair and clothing and stepped away from her small laboratory area in the upper areas of the chamber and made her way out of the Death Chamber. It was high time she had a break, after all, and it didn't do to spend too much time under the influence of the chamber.

The experiment in the Bain Marie simmered softly, emitting a faint cloud of steam which began to expand and float down the stairs of the chamber, seeping into the cracks and crannies of the walls. When it reached one particular corner, it began to turn black in colour. Soon a billowing dark cloud of vapor was expanding in the Death Chamber.

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