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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
The window seat was a great place to watch people walk by outside, and he saw Victoria enter through the door at exactly noon on his watch. He caught her wave but pretended not to notice by sipping his cappuccino. Daniel placed the cup back on the table after it burned his tongue.

If she thought her hug would make him flustered, she was... correct. People didn't often hug him because he had an aura around him that had a 'stay away from me' vibe, but he let Victoria do it. His ears were the only parts of his body that turned red as he waited for her to sit. "I have nothing to complain about." Even if he pretended not to care, he had a good time with his family during the summer. They had taken a vacation to Seychelles, and when he returned, he began his wandless magic classes with his mentor. Though now that Hogwarts had started again he could only correspond with Professor Khanna with post owls. "Classes are difficult but manageable" he said as he looked down at her tray. A salad and tea. The complete opposite of what he had bought. "How are you these days?"
Of course Daniel didn’t wave back. He was Daniel after all. But the hug…she knew she’d get him with the hug. The red ears did not go unnoticed, either. V took a seat and had a sip of her tea.

“What are you going to school for again?” V felt awkward that she had to ask, that she hadn’t remembered. But he probably hadn’t remembered what she was going to school for, either. “My classes aren’t too bad yet. And I’m living with Serena,” she added, smiling at the thought. “And Stewie and I are….still…” confusing. Were they together? Were they not? She and Stewie still had no answers. “Are still close.” Was how she chose to end that statement. No need to give Daniel the details if he didn’t want them. This all also reminded her of how much of a huge crush she had had on Daniel up until very recently, and now they were having a lunch together.

It made her lips curl into a smirk as she said, “What a nice date we’re having here, Mr. Yoon.”
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