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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Leave it to Evan to be one hundred percent prepared for all emergencies. Hartley eased himself onto one of the comfy chairs, furious with himself for inflicting pain on, of course, himself. He hated any sort of physical pain, which was why he was always extra careful when out and about on his job. “Thanks, Evan.” Unstoppering the bottle, Hartley joking asked, “Are we prepared for an Inferi apocalypse too?” No, seriously. You just never know when that time might come… “Er, how much of this do I need to take? I feel like the entire thing would make the pain go away in a split second.

“Thanks, mate! I am beyond thrilled, honestly.” Evan would know all about him being unsettled and basically have an early-life crisis. “I think this programme will help me feel grounded.” Having to focus on something else that wasn’t work would give his life more purpose and possibly quell the need to keep settling in one city to another around the globe. “Edinburgh. We get to be learning buddies again.” Wasn’t that exciting? Being learning buddies would perhaps make up for Hart being out of the apartment on work assignments. “I definitely will not say no to flatmate dates! You can count on me to bring all the exotic snacks." From Egypt to India to Chile... he'd get the all.

“I’d love that! I’m down for anything. Lots of anything.’’
This was his way of saying he was famished.

Hey, receiving good news certainly helped a guy in working up an appetite.
🌺🌺🌺 I fall in love with boys I see on a TV screen.

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