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SPOILER!!: Mitsuki! :3
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
The vast void that was the communal workstation often overwhelmed the Ravenclaw who prefered to create in more confined spaces. In an ironic twist of fate that had been foreshadowed in a warmer breeze and couple of tumbling dust mites in the corridor, the expansive tabletop was actually perfect for her activities today as the empty canvas awaiting the touch of her brushes. But first it was time to take the kettle off the little stove in the corner of the room.

Returning to the table where Mitsuki had arranged in a neat row five porcelain cups that she had emptied the contents of five of her flower petal filled phials into. First came the cup containing all of the balloon flower petals and over them came the boiling water, just enough that each petal was submerged. Next to receive its hot bath was the cup of red poppies followed by the petals of vibrant orange from hawkweed. Next came the cup of cornflower and finally red campions. Humming softly to herself, the sixth year took the pestle from her potions kit and used it to smash and grind the petals in their hot bath, cleaning in between each to prevent contamination, and then set it all aside for a bit to steep for a couple minutes before proceeding. While she waited, her attention shifted to the Organic Artistry book she had procured over the summer and began to read.

Dhruv wasn’t terrible at art but they weren’t perfect at it either. That being said, it didn’t mean that that art classroom wasn’t a great place to find inspiration, or to ooh and aaah over the wonderful creations of the talented {any even less talented, like themself} students. With the intention of admiring work left to perfect on the drying rack, they soundlessly stepped into the room. A finger was absently toying with the shades hanging just above the topmost button of their shirt, a habit that was definitely going to fade, it seemed.

Their intention was pleasantly thwarted by the presence of one Mitsuki Rasting. Despite only briefly taking in the cups, Dhruv was immediately intrigued. “Hallo, Ms. Rasting!’’ they greeted pleasantly, figuring it was best to announce themself rather than sneak up on her. They just might find themself doused in the contents of said cups should the Ravenclaw be startled. But now that they were closer to the table, they were able to peer into the drinking objects. “May I ask what this is all about?” Flower petals… was Mitsuki creating colours from them for watercolour painting, perhaps?
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