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Bryony was on a quest. On a quest to locate all of the really epic spots inside of the castle and outside of it as well. Clearly this was going to take much longer than a day, that much the tiny eleven year old knew and that was perfectly okay with her. So long as she managed to find Aryan on today's quest. Somehow between breakfast and right now, that boy had slipped away from her.

A lot of exploring was had today before Bry came across the Charms Cabana. Lifting her hand, she lightly knock, knock, knocked on the door to alert anyone inside (if there was anyone that is), that she was coming in. Slowly pushing the door all the way open, Bry peered inside, blue eyes lighting up when she spotted Aryan. Seeing as he was holding a book, she wasn't going to scream his name right now. What she was going to do… was make her way into the room and quietly walk up behind him to place her small hands over his eyes. He would know it's her, wouldn't he?
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