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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kins really didn't want to do this. No offense to Astraea. But Kinsay Cassandra James would have loved even just, like, the tiniest moment to herself at the bar. She had thought about brushing past without saying anything, but she'd feel horribly rude if Astraea noticed. So. Yeah. She didn't have much of a choice, did she?

Smiling (though it was a tiny forced), she replied to the question with rehearsed ease. "Yeah, totally." It wasn't exactly a lie. Most things were going okay. She had the most beautiful flat in the best part of the city. Her internship was a dream. She was at the top of her class. She had a boyfriend who constantly showered her in designer clothes. From the outside looking in, her life was perfect. So yeah. Yeah things were going okay with her. Even though there was that weird feeling. It would pass. Hopefully.

To help it get there, she ordered herself a drink. A STRONG one. And then turned back to Astraea knowing it would be rude to drop the conversation there. "How about you? Are things going well for you?"
No offense taken. Astraea wasn’t surprised in the least that Kinsay had responded to her question the way she had, considering it was entirely possible she’d have done the same if things had been swapped. If the question had been asked of her. She’d noticed the forced nature of the smile, though. It was just filed away as a thing that obviously wasn’t something that would be pushed. Not yet.

Weird feelings happened. She felt them often enough herself, and in fact her idle concern that her bosses were about to track her down to make her get back to work nearly counted as a similar thing.

She’d asked for a refill of her wine as Kinsay had ordered a drink of her own, before turning back to the blonde. “Well enough. Kind of taking a bit of an extended lunch break in order to get a tattoo, if that counts as things going well”, she replied with a bit of a laugh. Honesty wasn’t always a bad thing, after all.
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