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Originally Posted by VRSCIKA View Post
Trinity was having a fairly calm day and had a few hours of solo time, so she decided to bring lunch and drop in on her sister. She always used the Alley to cut over to her sister's shoppe, but was a little surprised when she saw her sister in the Alley. "Why hey there stranger...fancy meeting you here." She beamed a smile up at her sister. They looked like day and night, but there was no one on this earth she was closer to than her tall, tattooed goddess of a younger sister.
Whoooooaaaaa... Ama had been so deep in her people watching and silent judging that she hadn't even seen her tiny sister arrive! When she spoke, though, she couldn't help but smile down at her. "Hey you! What are you doing?" Not that Trin ever needed a reason to pop in to see her.

But... was that FOOD she had with her?! Ama could sniff out food anywhere, anytime. Reaching out she poked her older sis playfully and smiled wider. "What's that I smell? Is that *SNIFF* a cheeseburger and chips?" Because if it was... Trin was winning favorite sibling for the day!
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