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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The wave from the friendly first year got a returned smile from Tam, as she raised her hand to return the gesture with a shy one of her own - though certainly still enthusiastic.

The distraction of looking over at the younger students caused her to miss the slight stammer to Dynah's words. Not that she, as someone who often had a very similar greeting to others, would have had any judgement if she picked up on the nerves. She smiled again at both the younger students when Dy explained who they were, her attention turning now back to Dy. "They're cute! I like that their names coordinate so well together too. Are they best friends?" The body language between the two certainly MADE them look like they were best friends, not that she was super well versed in what those looked like - perhaps outside of Anna and Aurora and their companionship. But Anna had a way too of being a ray of sunshine towards EVERYONE. Something she was forever in awe of.

Seeing another blonde approaching, Tam smiled widely realizing it was another familiar face, and as she gave a wave towards Vesper she scooted closer towards the Hufflepuff of the group in order to make more space for the Lion. "Hi, Ves!" She greeted, her usual quiet way. It was quickly noted then how enthusiastic the greeting Dynah gave towards the other girl as well, a far more enthusiastic one than when Tamara herself had approached which... for a moment had her feeling a certain type of way (mainly anxious) but she brushed it off at the mention of melting ice cream. Fishing a wipe she kept on hand for her cello from her bag, the rising second year passed it over to the older girl. "What brings you both to Diagon Alley today? Are you guys getting a jumpstart on your school shopping?"
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Vesper smiled all the more at her friends enthusiastic greetings. She spent a minute or two with Bry and Ary before leaving them to continue their chat and making her way to the two older girls. "Dynah! Tamara! The young girl giggled. "How are you both? Enjoying summer break so far? She knew that she was. Getting to be with her siblings and with her papa, nothing was better than that. Seeing that they made room for her on the bench she sat herself down. "Thanks."

"That's alright, Dy. Ice cream melts fast on warm days." Vesper smiled at the other girl, thinking it was simply nice that she had mentioned that she would've offered. "A little bit. I'm here a lot since my papa works here and I like to visit him in the shop." It was no shocker how much she loved chocolate and candy.

Play it cool, Dynah. Play it cool.

The girl willed her heart to slow down by holding her breath. It seemed to work only for a bit. At least it was enough for her to continue this conversation they had just started. “Right? Quite the coincidence. They have been best friends since the day Ary was adopted and brought home. I think Bry decided that she was not going to let Ary out of her sight ever.” Dy chuckled, sort of glad her quiet brother had someone who would always look out for him because she knew that Bryony would always be there for him. “So, have you been practicing regularly this summer? Orchestra is going to be a blast for the new term, I’m sure.” Dynah mentioned nothing about being extra happy that the two would be seeing more of each other because of the orchestra.

Could she pass out now? TAMARA BOWEN WAS SITTING IN AN EVEN CLOSER PROXIMITY TO HER!!! All that hard work Dy had managed to do earlier in terms of calming herself was quickly undone as the organ was now racing and thudding in a manner like never before. Her hand was shaky as it extended to collect the tissue. “Th-thanks.” Stammering? What stammering? Dynah was just going to act casual as though it had not happened.

Dynah absolutely did not mean to make Tam feel bad in any way. Things were just… complicated; it was just easier to talk to someone who she didn’t fancy. “Having a great one!’’ she continued in her usually bubbly voice. The melted ice cream was mopped off of her fingers while she listened to Tam and Ves chatter. The time was also utilised to polish off the remainder of the treat. “Is your dad making any new sweets? Because you know mine would be over at Sugarplums in a heartbeat if he knew.’’ Dy rolled her eyes because Dad Adi was ridiculously childish over sweets but she loved him anyway. “Oh yes! I almost forgot! I’ve officially joined the Junior Hippogriffs! I’m on my way to becoming a professional Gobstones player!”

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