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The wave from the friendly first year got a returned smile from Tam, as she raised her hand to return the gesture with a shy one of her own - though certainly still enthusiastic.

The distraction of looking over at the younger students caused her to miss the slight stammer to Dynah's words. Not that she, as someone who often had a very similar greeting to others, would have had any judgement if she picked up on the nerves. She smiled again at both the younger students when Dy explained who they were, her attention turning now back to Dy. "They're cute! I like that their names coordinate so well together too. Are they best friends?" The body language between the two certainly MADE them look like they were best friends, not that she was super well versed in what those looked like - perhaps outside of Anna and Aurora and their companionship. But Anna had a way too of being a ray of sunshine towards EVERYONE. Something she was forever in awe of.

Seeing another blonde approaching, Tam smiled widely realizing it was another familiar face, and as she gave a wave towards Vesper she scooted closer towards the Hufflepuff of the group in order to make more space for the Lion. "Hi, Ves!" She greeted, her usual quiet way. It was quickly noted then how enthusiastic the greeting Dynah gave towards the other girl as well, a far more enthusiastic one than when Tamara herself had approached which... for a moment had her feeling a certain type of way (mainly anxious) but she brushed it off at the mention of melting ice cream. Fishing a wipe she kept on hand for her cello from her bag, the rising second year passed it over to the older girl. "What brings you both to Diagon Alley today? Are you guys getting a jumpstart on your school shopping?"
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