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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Elder eh?” he asked as the shrunken head he was holding spoke up and agreed with Sachin that Conley was, indeed old and needed to watch out that he didn’t throw out his back tossing him down the lane. ”Shall we make this more exciting and put a bet on it? Say… winner does…” he had to think about it. ”Bathtime for a week, including Duke.” While Duke loved swimming and creeks and mud puddles, the old dog certainly hated bathtime. Bathtime with the kiddos though was always fun.

He leaned over and gave Sachin a kiss. ”For luck, because you’re going to need it.” And with a laugh he got up and chucked the head down the lane. It made a foul-mouthed comment as it bounced and then rolled into the pins knocking down and leaving up three. It wasn’t a bad toss, but the night was still young. The head returned making some sort of comment about how it was rather late for someone Conley’s age to be out and about. Conley picked it back up and tossed it back down the lane, picking up two more pins.

Sachin smiled widely, and rather confidently too. He loved a good bet with the husband! A little friendly competition helped to keep the spark between them. Also, Conley was not a sore loser which was a bonus whenever Sachin won. “I’m all in! Prepare to spend most of your time being soaked.” Because Levi loved splashing, Duke loved shaking himself furiously to be rid of water and Merlin knew Radhika had her moments.

The younger man wasted no time in kissing his other half back {because he absolutely refused to miss an opportunity to give and receive kisses}. “I hope you don’t regret sharing that luck with me later on, husband dearest.” And with that, Sachin settled back to watch Conley have a go at the pins. Truthfully, Con was really good at bowling and had much more experience at it than Sachin did. “So close, yet so far away,’’ Sach teased. Then it was his turn.

His first roll yielded six pins being knocked down while the second, with the head yelling at him that he had as much bowling talent as a peanut, yielded three.

“How’s that for a start?” Sachin asked Conley, grin in place and eyes bright with confidence.
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