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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Again with the hand wiping? Heath watched, mildly curious, as the other man cleaned his hands and pocketed the cloth. Maybe he was a germaphobe or something? Never mind, he supposed it didn’t matter. Besides, he had bigger riddles to solve, like how to get this stupid keyboard to stop making animal noises before his class began!

He actually did chuckle at the mention of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Joke or not, it was true! “That can be my backup lesson plan if I can’t get this thing fixed in time!” he replied with a smile. He was only half-joking. If there was one thing he’d learned from his years of acting experience, it was how to think on his feet!

“Nice to meet you,” Heath replied, shaking the other man’s hand. His hand came away with a sparse covering of glitter. Well, that explained the hand wiping, but where did all that glitter come from? “What’s with the glitter?” he blurted out. Oops, did he say that out loud? He shook his head, picking up one end of the keyboard. “Never mind. I’ve got this end. Can you get the other one?”
Joseph continued smiling amiably as Heath confessed his joke was actually the backup plan. He'd never taken any sort of music lesson, but he would bet most kids would enjoy the occasional farm animal noise!

"Ah, another work-related incident," Joseph said with a wink. He'd been trying to put away some new stock they'd gotten in and...may have broken a glittery prank or two. "I work over at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, so, you know," he shrugged and picked up the other end of the keyboard. "Prank items are a hazard of the job." He maneuvered his end of the keyboard so that Heath was on the side nearest Wiseacre's. "Lead the way!"
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