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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Cooper, were he privy to such thoughts, may wonder if it was more that she was infatuated with the idea of such a relationship. He, well, he had been that very person for a long time (though with such adoration also came with his own presumptions that often got in the way of many of his relationships) and he was...well... he felt confident in saying that there was at least one other individual out there who would describe Florrie as extraordinary and not mean it like some business man drooling over his latest investment. But...well...anyway... it was what it was at this point, he supposed.

But...he had always felt her to be lonely. Lonely in a room full of crowded people because no one could see beyond the facade she put up. The perfect porcelain mask, if you will.

"Oh...I...well..." he floundered while once again rubbing his palms against his knees. " the last I saw you was, I believe, before you switched careers to on your not-so-new new position." He did not read such magazines and never felt the inclination to leaf through them either while in any waiting room. He was fairly sure he had seen a copy or two on the shelves at the Menagerie or St. Mungo's though. "So you...enjoy that then? I mean, you must. The way your eyes just glimmered say as much."

Which she obviously did not enjoy was...what she said immediately after, but he wouldn't say anything to that right now.
If there was one other person that felt that she was extraordinary, Florrie would like to meet them. For now, she would continue to pretend she didn't have feelings, especially not for the one person who had outright rejected her. It was much easier this way. After all, feelings only seemed to cause drama or hurt, and the drama she searched for was a completely different type. Preferably not involving her.

Though she was more than happy to instigate it.

"Oh," Florrie said, only now remembering that, yes, their last meeting was before then. She recovered her composure quickly, though, and shrugged. "Thank you. It's been a lot of fun." And she meant that. Both the thank you, and that it was a lot of fun. She nodded, taking her sunglasses from the top of her head and fiddling with them for a moment. "I get to see new places, new trends. Meet a lot of interesting people. And, well - I know some may think it's fluff -" It wasn't a dig, but she figured that WHiM wasn't the kind of thing Cooper was into reading. "But it's an incredible thing to be part of."

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