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Anyone that knew anything about Bryony Paton, knew there were a few things that she would never EVER pass up an opportunity on. Like getting to spend the day with Aryan. And not only that, they had ice cream. This was a win, win in her young blue eyes. In the very moment, all was perfect in her bubble.

"And mama asked me this morning at breakfast what I hoped to learn about this year in HER class. So you know that I HAAAAAAAAD to go over the entire list of creatures we want to see." By we, Bry obviously meant Aryan and herself. This list happened to be quite long once she had started to rattle off types of creatures that morning. Why she needed to even be asked at all really was beyond her comprehension buuuuuut she was always thrilled to share her opinion on all the things.

Bryony turned sideways on the bench, pulling one of her legs up underneath so she could face Ary better (also Dynah since she hadn't sat with them). "I really hope we get to work with dragons and griffs though!" She waved her ice cream spoon around in excitement as she spoke, good thing it was clean.

The rambling no doubt would've continued on and on about creatures if a girl a little older than themselves hadn't walked past and sat herself down by Ary's sister and started talking to her. "Do you know who that is? New people always caught her attention. Cue the brightest smile and a wave at the other girl. Hello, there!

It wasn't often that Vesper wandered around DA on her own. Whenever papa was working, she was normally left with her older siblings. Which she never ever minded at all, on the contrary, she loved it. Those two were her most favorite people in the entire universe besides their papa. Only today they were both spending some time with their friends. Therefore, this girl was left to do things on her own.

Sometimes random wanderings got one nowhere. Other times, while taking in all of the people that were also walking around, a familiar face or two was found. These were the best times and always had her making the quickest beeline possible towards her friend. So when she spotted the flash of blonde hair and heard an all to familiar voice, Vesper zoned right in on it. The almost twelve year olds, eyes lighting up as she got closer to the benches and recognized more faces. "Hi, hi!" She waved her hand at them all in greeting as she skipped over.
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