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Originally Posted by Samia View Post
The simplest truth? Fredrick Louie Zimmer did not have much money. And whatever he did have, he needed to be super clever with it - to survive, at least if he wanted to survive with some of his ego intact anyway. So, the brunette, who was in a dire need of a haircut, was browsing for some second-hand robes - which didn't terribly stink or had burn holes in them, and were preferably as cheap as they could be.

It was not a very hard combination to find. Maybe a little hard? But not very. You know?

Grabbing onto one which looked almost new, but a bit too large for him, the fifteen year old tried to look for any other flaws in them - because he could surely magic them to fit at school, right? Now, onto the moment of truth - the boy swatted the pockets of the robes vigorously - in case any absurd item or no-so-living-anymore thing was left in them.

Truth be told, Fynley was only here for the battered old textbooks. Could he afford brand new shiny ones? Absolutely. But with his terrible OWL scores meaning he wouldn’t even be able to take many NEWT classes and the fact that he was beyond caring about the majority of his education, buying second hand books was much more his speed. It didn’t even matter if they were missing pages, if it was that dire he’d just borrow a classmates for a day.

His job at Atticus’ was providing him with a small steady income he’d been stashing away in his savings for when he became of age. By buying second hand he would be able to save more in the long run. Besides, he wasn’t a snob and it didn’t particularly bother him if his things were dirty and used.

After a slow morning shift, the sixteen year old pushed the door open to the junk shop and headed inside with the intention of just grabbing the necessary books and not getting distracted by anything else. There weren’t many others filling the shop, not in comparison to the plentiful numbers taking over the street anyway. On his way to the back where the books were kept he passed by a slightly younger student searching around in the robes pockets. “I’d be careful with those, I once knew a guy who found a cockroach in the pocket” he chuckled.
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