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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Phoebe liked old jackets a lot. Sure, they were a little stained, worn, and holey, but they had character! And they were cheaper! New coats were the most expensive ever and Phoebe knew because she'd been given a new winter coat for Christmas and the price tag hadn't been taken off yet. She hoped she didn't grow out of it anytime soon, because she was pretty sure the Stemps would go broke if she did. Fortunately, the coat was more than a little too big on Phoebe at the moment.

"Um..." She carefully replaced the jacket the other girl had thrown aside, looking between the leather and the probably fake dragon skin jackets she was holding up. This was an easy question, but Phoebe still thought about it for a little bit. "The leather is better for sure," she answered shyly. "It feels more authentic, and it's in better shape. It's probably more comfortable, too." She touched the fabric of both jackets, her decision instantly confirmed when she felt how soft and reassuring the leather felt. Phoebe was, of course, an expert in both rock and wrock music, so she knew all about what the musicians liked to wear. "The leather is definitely better. Isn't it a little warm for a new jacket, though?"
Billie barely noticed that the other girl was putting away the mess she'd made, to preoccupied was she with the choice before her. Everyone had a leather jacket, of course, but the older ones looked cooler. Annoyingly, she really loved the one Tommy had - but she had her sneaking suspicions that it was either Dad's or Grandad's, and that made her mad, so she tried not to think about the older boy too much.

If the girl in front of her - Poppy, or Penny, or something, maybe? - had expressed that she was an expert in music aloud, Billie would have SNORTED a laugh. Not because she couldn't be one, of course, but because she would never be the kind of expert Billie was. Luckily, she hadn't said it, and therefore Billie didn't have to be mean.

"More authentic," Billie repeated, the words rolling around in her mouth. She thought about it for a moment, and then discarded the dragon-skin-looking one the same way she'd discarded the first, before slipping the leather one on and looking around for a mirror. It was cracked and stained, but the eleven year old still posed in front of it, twisting this way and that to see it from all angles. "Hmm. I think I agree."

As for Penny or Poppy or somethings question, Billie rolled her eyes and then raised one at her in the mirror. "Well, first of all, this is England. It could very well be storming tomorrow and, like, negative ten." Dramatic? Pssht. "And secondly, if I don't get to come home from school until Christmas, I need to take a jacket with me. Duh."

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