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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Always nice to hear someone agree with your logic, especially when that someone was Sadie Kareless. Lio was less sure on whether she was simply going along with the joke or if she genuinely thought it was true, but he was choosing to believe the first option. Much more fun in his mind if they were both in on the joke.

"Actually, I was considering getting one of those mirrors that give out compliments," he replied. "Thought it'd be a nice pep talk after a rough match." It was the nature of life which meant it was impossible for him to win every single match. But that knowledge provided little solace in the immediate aftermath of losing a game, losses caused by his own failure. A complimentary mirror wouldn't actually help with how low he felt in those situations. But it was mildly amusing to think so.
He was lucky she was feeling in a particularly agreeable mood, though not without her favorite dash of sass and being argumentative for the sake of it.

"Mmmm, nothing like some fabricated infatuation," she chuckled as she lifted a small compact off the display. She wasn't so much the sort of girl who would check her appearance in a mirror all that much, so there really was no need for such a luxury but she had to admit that the flower shape of this one and the gold leaf detailing was really nice. She may even be tempted. "Maybe you should invest in one for the locker room." She couldn't help herself at the playful little jab.

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