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Lifetime. Probably. More likely than not she would get bored of teasing him about the same thing after a few months. He really should press his luck sometime to find out. They WERE embarrassing. He should join her sometime in Hogsmeade sitting at a doily table watching all the couples make oogly eyes at one another and help her pick which pair to bother and properly embarrass. It was fun.

"Try 1915," she replied with a hard roll of the eyes. "Earliest form of recorded jazz sheet music is believed to be from 1915." Unless he wanted to pretend that he was ahead of the curve. He could do that if he wanted. "1920's are known as the Jazz Age." It really was a wonder she hadn't learned the saxophone on top of the piano and drums. Maybe she could see about getting one of her dads to let her take lessons at Atticus' this summer for it. She was itching to expand her musical repertoire, after all.

She would not, repeat, would NOT fall into the trap he was clearly laying out for her and despite her cheeks puffing beside her puckered lips...she managed to swallow back one retort in favor of another. "Who says I haven't already?" Ha. What shade of pink would he turn now?

Her brow raised at his gesture and she immediately held her pumpkin pasties a little closer. Not that she expected him to just snatch them from her grasp or something childish like that. "An eye for an eye makes the world go blind, you know." As in, just because he gave her a chocolate frog did not mean he was entitled to one of her pumpkin pasties.

"Both..." she repeated, hoping he would make up his mind before she asked him to because both was not a branch on this quiz. A high five sounded the more awkward of the two to her but...well...that also seemed on brand for Solomon. "Mmm, I'll be on the look out for that whenever I see you in the corridors then." Maybe not for her specifically but just in general. You know, curious minds with nosy intentions. Despite going down different paths, he had arrived at the same question as she. "MMmmk. You're in the library with two choices of book to check out. Do you a, pick up the latest edition of Plimpy Soup for the Wizarding Soul or b, A Summer of Dragons by Everett Scabior."

This too, was a very easy choice for her and her eyes were already scanning down to the bit of the quiz.


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