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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
There was something curious about this shop. The fact that is was proudly proclaiming it sold 'junk' (because that's what a title was about, proudly saying what you did!) was only part of the appeal. Another part was the proclaimed junk stacked up in the windows. And the third? The 'free stuff' box on the pavement!

So Billie wanted in. She poked through the free stuff box first, thoroughly disappointed by what was on offer. What she had been hoping for was a mystery - something useful or worth a lot put in there by accident, maybe? Either way, there was a dearth of interesting things in there, and so she was pushing the door open to poke around the inside.

Phoebe Calypso loved free stuff. Maybe it was because she didn’t have much money to pay for things with, maybe it was because she liked to take things for herself and didn’t like to pay for them, but the FREE STUFF box sent her in a beeline towards the junk shop. To her disappointment, none of the free stuff was really salvageable. She took a few interesting doodles, though. They were free.

Wandering inside, she looked around for things that might be useful. A small torn poster of her favorite quidditch player, a raggedy but adorable stuffed toy of medium size… some cute blue pajamas, rather threadbare but perfectly sized! Almost at the end of the spending money Noah had given her for today, she stopped by a rack of jackets. She couldn’t really buy them, but she still looked to see if any of them were worth coming back for. Phoebe gave a little wave to the girl nearby her, who she recognized but was too intimidated to talk to so far. She was a proper Stemp, while Phoebe just lived at Stemp House and was actually a Dupont. It definitely wasn’t the same, and Phoebe felt uncharacteristically shy and self-conscious.
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