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Truth be told, Vera was pretty excited about Bryony also starting Hogwarts the upcoming term. The youngest Paton had a vibe that Vera easily could tune with, making her perhaps her favorite of the brood - well, except for the obvious other one. So it had been her pleasure to invite the younger girl for an ice cream (for Bryony only, of course) and then they could sit and chat and Vera could give insight to any potential questions the younger girl had. And while it MAY have seemed pointless to off this, considering she had three older siblings already at the school, Vera knew for certain she could be a totally unbiased party (kinda) who gave facts only (maybe) whereas siblings might be more interested in feeding fallacies.

Well, actually, she couldn’t really ascertain that for Nova and Melody but it certainly sounded like a Logan move.

Having already ordered, she led the way to a table - choosing to sit indoors since most of the other students seemed to prefer outside - and grabbed herself a chair. She made sure to push one out for Bry as well, as Vera then settled into her seat and got comfortable. “You figured out which house you’re hoping for yet, Bry?” Personally, she was rooting for another Gryffindor in the pride.
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