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A firm believer in the benefits of learning in a calming environment, Professor Liu has kept the Charms Cabana in a similar fashion to that of her predecessors. The vibe of the room feels similar to that of a day at the beach, and the speakers in the corners are charmed to have a constant soft sound of waves crashing against the sand. However, should you find the sounds distracting - simply tap your wand against the speakers and the room will fall quiet.

There is also a line of yoga mats against one wall - open for all to grab one should they have need of a space to sit. A wicker bookshelf against one wall holds an array of books on Charms, including Professor Liu's own collection she has moved from her office. There is also a large assortment of books on Latin lest there are any experimentalists who fancy attempting to create something new.

The thing that stands out the most in this space is a wall adorned with different varying types of trees, all with words and charms incantations blended into them. An extracurricular project completed by some of the students. Should anyone want to expand on their previous artistic creation, Professor Liu has painting supplies available upon request.

Should you have any other questions or find something wrong with the space, Professor Liu can often times be found next door in her office.