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Rajesh found himself smiling at her giggles, though raising an eyebrow as she asked his favorite class as if it would be a surprise. She would likely already know the answer what with knowing him but volunteered “Potions” anyway. It was more his focus with the major he was leaning towards. Magical creatures getting to be more his fun electives. “The studying part…” he answered after a moment, “but not like it’s hard when its simply jumping into more books, just more complicated ideas.” Something they both understood given their Ravenclaw status and love of books and reading.

“Mhmm…Apparently absence does make the heart grow fonder,” he mused with a touch of jest. The girls having seemed to have missed him being there up at the school whenever they needed or wanted him. “Sugarplums…” he answered with a shake of his head at himself more than anyone else. “I tend to have my arm twisted into supplying treats.” And himself without much interest much like their papa.” And then we just wandered a little.” You know to work off those sweet tooths. Until they likely made their way to Honeydukes either with friends or without.
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