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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post

At least one of them wasn’t acting, or rather feeling, like a giddy little school child awaiting their first crush. The fact that Ruby was nervous was absolutely ridiculous considering the very casual nature of the ‘date’, if they could even call it that. It was simply a meeting between two adults for ice cream, it just so happened that the man was incredibly cute and had made her heart do that little flutter and her tongue tie up in knots the first time you laid eyes on a crush.

’You’re thirty-five Ruby, not fifteen.’ She thought to herself resisting the urge to roll her eyes in disgust at her own behaviour. She was a grown woman, a professional, she would be confident and graceful and..

There he was, a handsome ray of golden haired sunshine dressed ever so casually and yet looking so perfectly put together. Her face which had been set in a soft frown that much resembled her fathers whilst she was consumed in her own thoughts quickly shifted into a sweet smile reminiscent of the sugary delights the ice cream parlour served. “Hello” she looked up at the man from her seat considering whether she should stand up for a more intimate greeting in the form of a hug. She chose not to, simply because he had tipped his hat at her and therefore it felt more appropriate to just nod her head. “That’s no trouble at all, I’m sure she’d much prefer to stay at home and play with the others than be subjected to sitting through our conversation,” she laughed musically. “It can’t be much fun for a pig.” As much as she would want to have a cuddle with that tiny tea cup pig she understood that not every human environment was suitable for them to spend long periods of time in. Her fathers dog didn’t cope particularly well when having to sit still. Her mothers Papillon was quite the opposite. She’d frequently travel to work with her and sit in the office as emotional support to the students.
As much as Jericho adored the company of others, he was not always the best at reading body language despite his gift with reading auras - and hers was positively fluctuating. The nervousness was palatable, though he was left with uncertainty as to why. He would not speculate, however, as all would become clear in time that needed to become clear.

"Perhaps, though Poppy adores the company of others and considers herself to be quite the lap piglet. Afraid her affections would muddy your lovely dress were she here," he smiled and settled his hat back into a comfortable position atop his head. "Have you already ordered? Or may I perhaps have the honor of doing so for you." And himself, naturally. Hopefully their vegan options had grown since his last visit - hard to go wrong with a good sorbet.

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