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Default Art Classroom

Located not too far from the Muggle Studies classroom is where you can find a space dedicated to all things related to arts and crafts. In this classroom, students such as yourself will be exposed to famous historical and modern Muggle and Wizard artists and strengthen your artistic abilities. Here numerous styles and techniques will be observed, and an array of projects will be produced and put on display for all to see.

When you enter the art classroom, you quickly realize that it is not set up like others in the castle. There are no desks in the vibrantly coloured room covered with paintings and other gizmos and gadgets aplenty. In the centre is a large table that is meant to serve as a universal workstation. Scattered around the room are smaller, individualized tables, easels, and shelves containing a number of books and any supplies your creative mind may need. Tucked in the back is a dark room for developing photographs. Everything in this room is for you to use, so long as you clean up after yourself.