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"Oh, I'm not so sure about that, you whippersnapper." Conley was a pretty good bowler, even if he hadn't bowled in a while. Sachin's competitiveness was one of the many, many things he loved about the man standing next to him. Another was the fact that Sachin never let him forget how much older than him Conley was, hence the whippersnapper jab. He gave the worker his shoe size and then placed their food order adding two sodas to the mix and then paid for two rounds of bowling. ”Common, let’s go find some heads to toss around.”

It took Conley a bit longer then he would have liked to find a head he felt wouldn’t insult him too much. The first three had told him to bugger off and go change out of his grandfather's bathrobe. The fourth had mentioned something about his nose hair, but the one he decided would be ok, only told him he would probably pull a muscle. After depositing the head on the ball head-return, Conley changed into the rented shoes. ”So…age before beauty?” he asked as he pulled out a score sheet.
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