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A conversation about such things most definitely was not on the docket for today. It definitely would come up somewhere down the line, however, because it was inevitable. Things had been alluded to before, but he needed to just mull things over by himself as of late. Or maybe distracting himself from things was a better way to describe what he was actually trying to do right now.

He found himself nodding in agreement with his cousin. Then, intentional or not, he did start considering the idea of someone enhancing Boris' existence with a secret passage. But with a school this old, surely it wasn't that simple. "How does one even go about that?" He figured concealment charms were involved, but the actual construction of a secret passage, especially in a structure that already had walls and rooms in place, was piquing his interest.

Another eye roll, followed by a quiet snort, was given in response. The vagueness was suuuuuuuper helpful. Wasn't someone older supposed to know of places that someone younger might not know of? But she did have a point, he supposed. He also wasn't one to pass up on any kind of exploration as long as it meant not having to sit and write essays. "Well, then, let's find a random spot to investigate," he told Keighley, grabbing hold of her sleeve and nudging her away. "Peace out, Boris."

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