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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Truth be told, Lio hadn't intentionally aimed for this particular shop. Or any shop, really. His only goal had been to enjoy some butterbeer and her company, and perhaps do a little window shopping.

But now that she'd pointed out the irony...where was the fun in admitting that it was an accident? It would be far more amusing to roll with the idea that it was on purpose than to not.

"Hey, it isn't my fault if we're the nicest views in the alley," he replied, a teasing glint in his grey eyes. And, perhaps, noting that she looked cute with the butterbeer froth on her lip. Just a passing thought. "I'm just following your directions." She'd need to be more specific next time about the exact views she wanted. Or his subconscious or fate or destiny (or a horse) needed to have less of a sense of humor. Either/or.
She wouldn't believe it if he said it. That was just the way with her most of the time. Once she had her mind made up on something it took entirely too much time and energy to convince her otherwise. Though, this instance was a little less that. She hadn't truly believed what she accused him of but it was entirely too funny a concept to not latch on to. So, mostly, she was now subconsciously busying herself with affirming this narrative.

"Difficult to fault that logic," she mused while playing with one of her braids. She could, fault it that is, but she wouldn't. She would also be appalled to know she still had a bit of butterbeer froth on her lips. "So...what...are you in the business of finding a new ceiling mirror so you can look at yourself while you lay down in bed?"

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