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Default For Josey & Joseph - WWR round 1
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Heath made his way down the street, carrying a keyboard under one arm. The blasted thing was supposed to emulate the sounds of various instruments with just the tap of a wand, but it had been making animal sounds for the past hour. Ugh, he didn’t have time for this! He had a class this afternoon, and how was he supposed to give voice lessons with a zoo for accompaniment?!

He’d tried fixing the keyboard himself, but nothing worked. So he was taking it to Wiseacre’s during his lunch break… all the way in the North Side of the Alley. Galloping Gungans, this thing was heavier than he thought! Feeling a tightness in his arm, he set the bulky keyboard down to rest for a minute. That thing didn’t bump anyone, did it? Just in case, he mumbled, “Sorry.”
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