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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

She should have known better.

Even within the context of what they had been discussing she had not anticipated Lio to be so on the nose with it.

With just a little bit of butterbeer froth clinging to her upper lip despite the numerous sips taken along their short walk, Sadie rolled her eyes and shook her head when she realized she had been bamboozled into literally self indulgent absurdity. It was a Curtis move if she ever saw one. Or perhaps she was slapping that presumption on Lio unfairing and prematurely.

"You know...when I suggested nice views, I wasn't implying we literlly go admire ourselves in mirrors," she nudged with a skeptical raised brow and the smallest of judgemental smiles. She wasn't sure which would be worse, behaving like Narcissus himself or the potential that he was dragging her along for some nonsensical Catoptromancy session.
Truth be told, Lio hadn't intentionally aimed for this particular shop. Or any shop, really. His only goal had been to enjoy some butterbeer and her company, and perhaps do a little window shopping.

But now that she'd pointed out the irony...where was the fun in admitting that it was an accident? It would be far more amusing to roll with the idea that it was on purpose than to not.

"Hey, it isn't my fault if we're the nicest views in the alley," he replied, a teasing glint in his grey eyes. And, perhaps, noting that she looked cute with the butterbeer froth on her lip. Just a passing thought. "I'm just following your directions." She'd need to be more specific next time about the exact views she wanted. Or his subconscious or fate or destiny (or a horse) needed to have less of a sense of humor. Either/or.
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