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"Very good to know," he chuckled as he plopped himself down and got comfortable on the blanket. He did not require an additional blanket to combat the cold, at least not right now, and with the promise of soup on the immediate horizon it was even less likely he would need that. There was some wisdom to be shared here as well, something from his dad about celebrity and not forgetting your more humble beginnings and his earlier days on the Wanderers...but Cooper felt it for the best not to bog things down just yet. No doubt advise giving conversation would be on the horizon soon enough, it was just what friends did.

"You got yourself a deal," he nodded eagerly as he reached over for the container with the bruschetta and peeled off the lid. That left...five or so other containers left still - mum had been overzealous as always due to her adoration to play host and feed people. "Mum went a bit you're welcome to take some things back with you we aren't able to finish. I reckon she was influenced by some mild empty nest syndrome." Not entirely empty next since his younger siblings were still at home when they weren't at Hogwarts, but mum and dad had always placed great care in stating that he was their first born. "It's a way. Though you'd think I'd moved across the Atlantic and not just from Loch Katrine to London," he added with a modest chuckle.

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