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She was certainly surprised, but the best type of surprised. And she would have never even considered throwing the hot liquid in her cup at his face. Probably not anyone's face, but she did have to admit particularly his. The fact he referred to her as 'my dear Mouse' was absolutely something she was going to end up over analyzing over and over again in her head when she was back up in the castle on her own. For the time being though, it merely sent a warmth through her and her cheeks tinged perhaps just a slightly brighter shade of pink. She laughed softly, giving a small nod of her head. "I am. Lucky we bumped into each other." The actual audacity she had, as if she hadn't been sitting here hoping for a glimpse of her favorite former Ravenclaw.

Imagine how much easier it would have been too had either had the ability to read the others thoughts - and know both HAD wanted to ask but stopped themselves for... whatever reasons.

It was interesting how now that he WAS here, she couldn't really think of what to say, so the small talk was certainly welcomed. Even if she'd kept him updated in her letters, it still wasn't the same as getting to speak in person and see the other person's expressions. She knew she missed him, but now she knew how much she even just missed being around him. Mouse adjusted herself so her body was facing more towards him while they talked, her shoulder leaning against the wood of the bench near his hand. "I'm good. What about you? You look well! University life seems to be agreeing with you." Glancing around at the street when he asked, she gave another nod and shifted her eyes to him again. "I am. I like being cold. Maybe it's because it's a good excuse to bundle, or just always the perfect occasion for hot chocolate." Which speaking of, she glanced at the warm cup in her hand before offering it towards him in case he wanted a sip. "You visiting your sisters?"
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