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So he hadn’t taken her by surprise, at least the type that would have risked being scalded by whatever resided in the takeaway cup. That was a good sign. And then when he turned fully to face her, Raj was greeted by a smile that made his own expression brighten almost on its own accord. She was happy to see him! “Indeed I am, my dear Mouse,” he remarked back absently letting his arm on the side nearest her to rest on the back on the bench they were both sitting on. “As are you.” Though he supposed it would have been easier to be in the same place at the same time if they had planned to do so.

But he hadn’t wanted to bother her…

“How are you?” he asked, deciding to initiate the usual small talk when catching up. Though it wasn’t like their last letter exchanged had been too long ago and she had seemed well then. “Enjoying the winter day?” It certainly was a decent day to be spending in the wintery wizarding village. Bringing back memories of other Hogsmeade weekends when the castle was home.
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