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Default St. James's Park

Tucked amid London's busy streets and buildings, being a roughly six-minute walk from the Ministry entrances, is St. James's Park. Covering 57 acres and featuring a small lake with two islands, there is plenty to explore. Entering the park from Horse Guards Road to the east, one will find themselves near a park pavilion and quaint cottage. From the Mall to the north is a gate kiosk, drinking fountain, and a tiny coffee shop. Walking far enough west, one will stumble upon the Vitoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace, and the park's playground. The rest of the park provides a number of trails and a bridge that gives access across the lake from the south end of the park to the north.

On a sunny day, the park is a perfect getaway, especially during one's lunch break or after clocking out of work. It is is an excellent place to have a picnic under the shade of a tree, enjoy watching the waterfowl and resident colony of pelicans idly swimming in the lake, or go for a stroll or a run along the trails with a friend before having to venture back into the loud, bustling city.

The usage of wands or anything magical is strictly prohibited in the park to avoid breaking the Statute of Secrecy.
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